Return Policy

Our return policy is a part of our efforts to facilitate our customers. We, at M/s Khawar Paper Mart, consider after sale services to be a customer’s right.
We at KPM consider ourselves obligated to refund money / exchange products in the following cases:

  • Refund of money in case the order placed had been termed void (e.g. due to delay in payment etc.) by the time payment was made and KPM did not renew the order in its original terms for any reason (e.g. the product has gone out of stock or the product price has changed etc.)
  • Exchange of product in case the product delivered is not the product ordered. Money will be refunded in case the product has gone out of stock by the time the issue is brought forward.
  • Any case in which the management at KPM deems the customer’s situation to deserve a refund or exchange. Therefore feel free to contact us and state your case.

Refund of money or exchange of products will not be considered if any of the following holds true:

  • The goods have been damaged or spoiled while in the possession of the customer or the customer’s agent (e.g. customer appointed transporter).
  • The customer is unable to provide receipt and/or evidence of payment made against it.
  • The packing of the product has been tampered with
  • Management at KPM has any doubt or reason to believe that the goods being returned were not sold by KPM.
  • Management at KPM has any doubt or reason to believe that the person returning the goods is not himself, nor a representative of, the person that made the purchase from KPM.

Unfortunately KPM at this point in time does not have a return policy for customers who believe the products purchased are surplus to requirement.
We strongly believe that issues and concerns cannot be satisfied until they are raised. Therefore KPM always welcomes complaints and is committed to resolving them. Most of the product base of KPM comprises of imported goods, which are of international quality. Also, most of our products are procured directly from their respective manufacturers, this allows us to put our customer’s complaints directly in front of the producers.