PPC Paper

Origin of PPC Paper - History

Copier paper was invented and refined into what we have today for the sake of clarity of printing. These papers have been specially designed to absorb the ink used by the printers and the xerox machine to produce fine print. These papers, due to their thickness and grammage can be easily used by inkjet and laser printers. They also work well with all kinds of xerox machines.

During the paper finishing, the hard and soft rollers help retain and revive the sheen of the paper making it fit for daily printing needs. Once the paper finishing is completed. The quality process department ensures that the paper rolls are without any imperfections. They are then transported for further cutting and assembling requirements.

About PPC Paper - Everything you need to know

Who doesn’t want a perfect fine print on paper? Choosing the right paper for all your printing needs is important.
PPC paper is high quality slightly glossy paper that helps the ink to be absorbed without any blotting.

It is a perfect choice when you are looking for bulk papers for business purposes. It is highly compatible with all photocopier machines and hence provides flawless print every time.

PPC Paper Types

Paper Size Paper Weight

Each paper ream contains 500 of high quality white pages. The grading of the sheet’s whiteness is CIE Whiteness 160.


Distributors of PPC paper in Pakistan

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Why choose PPC paper from Khawar Paper Mart?

PPC paper is one of the most used paper brands worldwide. While choosing PPC paper from Khawar Paper Mart, you are signing up for the following benefits.
PPC paper has the smoothness and finesse that enables the paper to provide a smooth printing experience. Be it inkjet or photocopying powder that’s used. The effect is crystal clear providing the right kind of data on paper.
The smoothness allows a perfect finish to all kinds of printing results.
The perfect ISO certified pearly white status allows the paper to provide a bright background that enables the colors to be enhanced.
The smoothness of the paper allows easy rolling ability of the paper. There are no paper jams or smirched printing experiences.
Since the grammage of the papers are thick enough for functionality. It allows the paper to be used two ways. There are no issues with regards to the print showing either ways.
The ink is absorbed and stays. The prints do not vanish and hence the papers can be stored for a longer time period without the concern of loss of data.


A paper ream is a bundle of paper that generally contains 500 sheets. Each ream has equally sized paper that can be used for printing and photocopying purposes.
Normally the paper that is used for printing and photocopying is between 60-120 grammage.80gm is the standard grammage used. If the grammage of paper is more than 160 then it comes under the category of the card sheets.
The paper sizes are different. The A4 size is 210mm x 297mm, while the measurements of F4 is 210mm x 330mm. As compared to F4, A4 is the most commonly used paper size world over.
We suggest that you place the ream in a warm room or let it come to room temperature. Once the paper ream reaches the room temperature you can use it for printing or photocopying. The major reason is, if you print on cold paper then once the paper reaches the normal room temperature, the ink may smudge and result in difficulty in reading.