Three Awesome Paper Crafts for Kids

Fine Lines:

The Wall Drawing series by an American artist Sol LeWitt inspired almost all the artists. In these drawing series, he drew horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines on walls to explicit a surprising, room-size creative art. He worked on the walls and believed that the art subsisted as an idea that could be applied on different surfaces.

The Settings: Cut a big piece of white easel paper and apply the tape at the borders with painter’s tape or washi tape if desired; Its purpose is to give a clean and smooth finishing. Then apply clip or just tape the paper to an easel or the wall. Give your kid about three or four different colored washable (non-permanent) markers.

The Project: Assist your child in drawing a big, wavy line at the top of the paper using one color marker, aligned from the left to the right side. Use another color marker for the second line, draw it below the first line in the same pattern. Continue drawing lines in this way using different colors to fill the whole page, then remove any tape. The project is completed!

Bonus Fun: Instead of drawing single lines on the paper, help your child to draw a few geometric (squares, circles, rectangles, octagons etc.)shapes at different spots on that page, then radiate the drawn patterns outward on all sides. It will become the awesome art and your child will become confident in the art made by him/her.

The Big Reveal:

The Settings: Your kid will need a painter’s tape, a scissors crayons and/or stickers, watercolor paper, a paintbrush, and watercolor paints.

The Project: Apply tape to the paper borders and stick the paper the paper to a flat surface. Guide your child in creating a design using the crayons and/or stickers, while pressing the edges tightly. Then apply the paint to the whole piece using watercolor. Let it dry, and then remove both the painter’s tape and stickers. Not only your kid will have fun creating art using more than one mediums, He/she will also learn about the concept of adverse space— looking the bright white shapes left uncolored behind is always a kick!

Bonus Fun What other things across the house would work? Let your kid experiment with crayon-like items like a stick of lip balm, oil pastels,  sticky things or anything else he/she thinks may repel watercolor.


Paper Glass:

Convert the coffee filters into the beautiful paper glass with this crafty idea by an art teacher from Nashville.

The Setting: Use scissors to cut the edges of a coffee filter to make an uneven, natural shape.

Make lines, blobs, and spots, on the coffee filter using the non-permanent(washable) markers.

Model the designed coffee filter over an upside-down yogurt container. or a plastic cup.

Apply the starch spray to the designed coffee filter until the marker colors bleed completely together and the coffee filter becomes completely wet.

Let the filter dry. The project is Completed

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