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What is the Maximum GSM that Laser Printers will accept

What is the Maximum GSM that Laser Printers will accept?

Printing on the right paper is vital for impressive printing results. Printing on the wrong type and weight of paper can lower the printing output and make it look of poor quality. Papers are of different types and are suitable … Read More

Difference between coated paper and uncoated paper

Difference between Coated Paper and Uncoated Paper

Paper comes in many different qualities, texture, weight and appearance. Choosing the right paper for your job can be daunting, particularly if you have little knowledge about the different paper types. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you choose the … Read More

What type of paper is used for offset printing.

What type of paper is used for offset printing?

Printing is a very vast field. One might think that printing is just getting some image onto a piece of paper but, be assured, it is much more than that! There are many types of printing, printing processes, and types … Read More

Paper Making Machine Process - Step by Step Guide.

Paper Making machine Process – Step by Step Guide

Paper is an important necessity in our lives to carry out our everyday work. We use paper for multiple reasons like writing, communicating, recording data, connecting, and entertaining each other; the uses are endless. But have you ever thought, how … Read More

How to Choose Right Paper Size for Printing

How to Choose Right Paper Size for Printing?

There is a huge variety of papers available in the market that are used for different purposes. Papers come in different sizes and qualities and one must be aware of which paper to use for which purpose. A paper may … Read More

Everything You Should Know About Paper Sizes and Weight

Everything You Should Know About Paper Sizes and Weights

The paper you choose to print your text and images can bring it all to life. It can help you add authority and weight to your printing.  While the paper is a straightforward subject, it can get a little complicated … Read More

Top 10 business in Pakistan

Top 10 Business in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and a country that is growing exponentially with each passing day. The country has been opening up to new opportunities and ventures every day and the new businesses opening up are promising in creating employment … Read More

paper mills in pakistan

10 paper mills in Pakistan

Paper is one of the most important and most common products in our day to day lives. Without even realizing how important it is and what might happen if it’s not here for our use, we have been using paper … Read More

The Only Types of Non-Recyclable Papers

Recycling is the method of turning waste, damaged and used things into new, useable products or things. This process provides a new lease of life to the previous waste items. It conjointly reduces the quantity of material used to produce … Read More

How To Choose The Right Paper?

There are many different types and kinds of printer paper, and one size doesn’t work all. In fact, a particular grade of paper that may be completely perfect for a specific task or purpose could also be wildly inappropriate for … Read More