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Top 5 Double A Paper Distributor in Pakistan

Top 5 Double A Paper Distributor in Pakistan

Printing must be done on high quality paper to attain the best results. The use of low quality paper can weaken your message, reduce professionalism, and lower the quality of the image and text on it. Delivering the message and … Read More

paper mills in pakistan

Top 5 Paper Mills in Karachi

No matter how much the world is digitizing, we cannot live without using paper on a daily basis. The importance of paper can never be denied nor diminished. Paper has been an essential part of our lives from the beginning … Read More

What is 80 GSM? – Everything you Need to Know

Here’s all you need to know about 80 GSM paper. First, let’s go over what GSM means. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. It refers to the thickness and heaviness that a paper holds. While selecting which paper to … Read More

What is 75 Gsm Paper? – All you need to know

First and foremost, let’s look into what is GSM paper. This term denotes Grams per Square Meter. There is a diverse range of papers that printers and/or manufacturers need to select from. All papers contain different properties and are used … Read More

10 Ways to Save Paper in the Office

When you are in the office, you have to work at different places playing different roles. It is important to be efficient and effective while being in the office. Paper is one important thing that plays a pivotal role, while … Read More

recycling in Pakistan

Paper Recycling in Pakistan

Environmental sustainability, going green, opting for clean choices, and saving the Earth are some of the quite hot topics since the past few years. With increased information and knowledge, more people are aware of their surroundings and environment. Saving the … Read More

What is the Maximum GSM that Laser Printers will accept

What is the Maximum GSM that Laser Printers will accept?

Printing on the right paper is vital for impressive printing results. Printing on the wrong type and weight of paper can lower the printing output and make it look of poor quality. Papers are of different types and are suitable … Read More

Difference between coated paper and uncoated paper

Difference between Coated Paper and Uncoated Paper

Paper comes in many different qualities, texture, weight and appearance. Choosing the right paper for your job can be daunting, particularly if you have little knowledge about the different paper types. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you choose the … Read More

What type of paper is used for offset printing.

What type of paper is used for offset printing?

Printing is a very vast field. One might think that printing is just getting some image onto a piece of paper but, be assured, it is much more than that! There are many types of printing, printing processes, and types … Read More

Paper Making Machine Process - Step by Step Guide.

Paper Making machine Process – Step by Step Guide

Paper is an important necessity in our lives to carry out our everyday work. We use paper for multiple reasons like writing, communicating, recording data, connecting, and entertaining each other; the uses are endless. But have you ever thought, how … Read More