10 Ways to Save Paper in the Office

When you are in the office, you have to work at different places playing different roles. It is important to be efficient and effective while being in the office. Paper is one important thing that plays a pivotal role, while paper wastage is very common. It is an issue that increases the cost as well as creates a negative impact on the environment. Paper is either produced from wood or recyclable material. It is preferred that organisations should opt for a paper that is made up of recyclable material. 

Steps must be taken to reduce the usage of paper and create a positive impact on the environment. You can save money and be more productive. You can use that amount over something useful.

 This article revolves around the tips on saving paper. Let’s adopt habits that will have a huge impact on the surroundings by creating a sustainable planet. 

Switch from Paper to Online forms 

In this technical world, it is a more convenient option to use online forms rather than using manual paper forms. From feedback forms, to vacation request, or surveys; all is easier and convenient when online. Not only this, it will save a lot of paper. 

When opting for online forms, you have a chance to collect and analyse the results automatically. Comparing the business performance with other businesses will be easier too. 

Send emails and text updates

When at office, it is important to have alerts for important things ahead. Using paper to give updates is outdated. It consumes a lot of paper too. For this, you shall now use emails and text updates to revise the message to the workforce. Emails, texts and messages should be used as a mode of communication today. This way is efficient, and time saving. Moreover, it is likely to be remembered than a piece of paper that has been placed on your desk. You can add multiple recipients and send the email to many of them together. 

Use methods that are effective and easy to use. Just a click and the message is transferred to many of your office mates together. 

Choose digital reporting methods

Are you still using paper to assemble reports? Do you collect your data in the papers and then submit? Here is your chance to go digital and save paper. 

Digital reporting methods are a convenient option to write reports and send via a word document, or pdf file. Collecting the data and keeping a record for the office will save time. If you want to refer to the last month’s ROI, you can easily compare with the digital files. 

Strangling with papers and finding files is a hassle. Make it simple with digital reporting methods. 

Print on both sides of the paper

It has been seen in many offices where printing at one side is a trend. People use stacks of paper to print things; while the other side of the paper is left empty. This practice shall stop and people must be habitual of printing on both sides of the paper. 

Reduce the paper wastage to half and lower the cost to your office within a few weeks by printing on both sides of the paper. Analysing reports, or sending files; all to be dining with the usage of limited paper sheets. 

Buy recycled paper 

Paper has different kinds. There is a variety of thickness that varies from 60gms to 100gms. The more the paper is thick, it will create more wastage. There are papers that are coated and un-coated. They may vary with the printing results, but specific papers must be us for different purposes accordingly. 

You shall opt for the thin paper as the writing g and printing quality will not be effected. The wastage of paper will be reduced with a sustainable environment. Not only this, you should choose a paper from organic cotton, or pre-recycled material. 

Paper recycling is an important step that needs to be taken in Pakistan. Offices and workplaces must take an initiative by trying methods that are sustainable and will lead to a better society.

 Think before printing 

If you planning to print a document or report, always proofread to make sure that you are printing it correctly. Printing the wrong items repeatedly and wasting paper is not a good thing. You must be careful about the paper you are using for. 

If you plan to put up an important message, try making fewer copies and placing it at places where employees visit regularly. It could be the office cafeteria or a board near the water dispenser. This act will also reduce the number of papers used in the workplace. 

Track the personal printing record in your office 

Offices should always makes rules and regulations to have a check and balance on it’s employees. A system must be generated to track the number of copies each employee is suppose to make. There must be an allowance to print an amount of copies in a month. 

You can reduce wastage with such a strategy as the employees will be conscious about how many papers they are using. This counting of paper is neglected usually which contributes towards the adverse impacts on the society and adds on an unusual cost for the office. 

Store files digitally

In this era, technological advancement has taken over the world. Offices tend to use digital methods to store and record files. 

Are you still using the contemporary methods of writing and storing over the papers? Stack up with new methods by storing files digitally. This will make the analysis and reference of the office files easily. 

Now is your chance to increase productivity and reduce the amount of money spent on something like paper. 

Install shredding machines and recycle bins

Many offices have a policy to shred paper before throwing. This shall be a constant practice that you must have at workplaces. This will help reducing the fear of your private documents being found by someone else, and reducing the amount of waste. However, it is difficult to recycle shredded paper but that can be used for packaging purposes or can be compost. 

Recycle bins should be placed separately for solid paper that can be recycled and used for other purposes. Cut down your costs minimising the un-necessary usage of paper. 


To conclude, people are now much more aware about the environment and the surrounding they operate in. It is a good idea to use environment friendly methods that will create a sustainable surrounding by eliminating or minimising wastage. 

When it comes to businesses, the major purpose is maximising profits . Reducing  the wastage of paper will allow the business to gain maximum profits by reducing the cost. The coat of is paper is not considered much in organisations, which leads to thousands of stacks being destroyed and manipulated. Policies must be made to create a better surrounding. You definitely cannot save the world by saving paper, but you can atleast contribute your part towards a sustainable environment. 

Make your office a place that is aware of the surrounding it is operating in and you are playing your part in a better world. 

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