Top 5 Paper Mills in Karachi

paper mills in pakistan

No matter how much the world is digitizing, we cannot live without using paper on a daily basis. The importance of paper can never be denied nor diminished. Paper has been an essential part of our lives from the beginning and will remain like this until our last breath. Our interaction with paper is so typical that many times it gets unnoticed.

Paper is a vital resource without which many important tasks cannot be fulfilled. Pakistan is a hub of paper production, with numerous mills running all across the country. Karachi, the country’s economic hub, runs multiple successful mills that contribute majorly to the city’s paper production. The paper business in Karachi is so successful and widespread that a whole area has been named as “Paper Market”.

Paper mills use pulp and recycled cardboards and papers to produce different kinds of papers and boards. The mills in Karachi vary in size, from large-scale industry to small factory setups; Karachi has it all.

Most Popular Paper Mills Operating in Karachi

The mills in Karachi vary in complexity and advancement; from simple machinery and simple traditional techniques to advanced machinery, you can find a wide variety.  

1. Karachi Paper and Board Mill:

This is a relatively newer paper mill in the paper industry but has still managed to make a great name in the market. Established in only 2010, it has managed to expand its production to 15000 metric tons annually and become the only manufacturer of Duplex board. It produces many different varieties of paper, including Brown Liner, Natural Back and brown Back Duplex Coated Board, yellow liner, white back uncoated box board, etc. The mill plays its role in saving nature by using recycled cardboard to produce paper.

2. Fazal Paper Mills Pvt. Limited:

Another Karachi-based paper mill is the Fazal Paper Mills, a part of the Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills Industry. It is a subsidiary of the successful Salva Group of industries. The company focuses on producing quality products that meet the standard and satisfy the customers. The company started off small with a total capacity of 10 tons per day, but now it has grown to cater to 140 tons per day. The company produces different varieties of paper and packaging boards.  

3. Century Paper and Board Mills:

Century Paper is a part of a well-known and well-established company in Pakistan, the Lakson Group of Companies. It is a very successful running paper mill using state-of-the-art equipment and numerous paper products produced on a large scale. The different varieties of papers include coated and uncoated paper, MF paper, MG paper, and corrugated boxes. They are also the producers of different types of packaging boards.

4. Usmania Paper Mill:

Usmania Paper Mill was established in February 2006 to produce a wide variety of paper and packaging goods of exceptional quality. The company has expanded its business and increased its capacity to 650 tons per month. The products of this mill have a good name in the market with satisfied customers.

5. Adamjee Paper and Board Mills:

Adamjee is a well-known company serving the people for a long time. It offers excellent and premium paper products with unique packaging solutions. It is a well-established company using state-of-the-art equipment and meeting international standards to produce quality products. Adamjee is a tough competition for other paper mills because of the fantastic quality, well-established name, and loyal, satisfied customers.


The Paper mill industry in Karachi is rife with numerous large-scale industries running successfully. Karachi is a business hub, and therefore paper mills find an excellent opportunity to expand and run their business here. Many industries have grown largely over the years and have equipped themselves with advanced and state-of-the-art equipment. A brief detail of some of the successfully running paper mills has been mentioned above; some other paper mills running in Karachi include Asl Paper Mill, Al-Amir Paper Mills, National Paper Mills, and Orient Strawboard and Paper Mills.

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