10 paper mills in Pakistan

paper mills in pakistan

Paper is one of the most important and most common products in our day to day lives. Without even realizing how important it is and what might happen if it’s not here for our use, we have been using paper for several 100 years and will keep on using it for the next several 100 as well.

Hardly any day goes by in our lives where we have not interacted with paper somehow. Paper is an important resource and there are several sources of paper. Just like the rest of the world, Pakistan is an important paper hub as well. So important that an entire market in a strategic area of Karachi, largest city in the country, is named ‘paper market’. This is where wholesalers and paper printers have set up their businesses.

Furthermore, paper mills in the country are spread throughout the nation in several cities. A paper mill is solely responsible for making paper using various raw material including wood, vegetable fibers and so on. Heavy machinery and very sophisticated and long-running techniques are used in paper mills to reach to the final product which is the completed paper that we use in our daily lives. A paper mill manufactures several different kinds of papers.

Following is a list of a few most prominent paper mills in Pakistan:

Naseer paper mills:

Having their head office in Lahore, the capital of the largest province of the country, Punjab, Naseer paper mills have been in the paper manufacturing business for the last 30 years and have been doing an amazing job. They are the largest manufacturer of Kraft and liner board which is used in the production of corrugated boxes. The mill manufactures several different kinds of papers including top white board, hard core, Kraft Liner board, Naseer Kraft and Box board.

Premier paper mills:

This is one of the most popular paper mills in the country and has been in the industry since 1985. The head office is in Lahore’s New Garden Town and the factory is in Sheikhupura. The mill believed in sustainability and makes use of agricultural residues in their production process such as wheat straw, sugar cane bagasse and Kai grass. Their top selling and grossing products include offset printing paper and multipurpose office paper. Adding to this, their customer service and after sales service’s high quality has kept them up in the industry for the past 36 years or so.

Al Aziz Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd:

With their factory in Sheikhupura and their head office in Lahore, the mill was established in 1999 and has been one of the best performing mills in the country since then. They have a very vast product range but tend to specialize in kraft paper and board. Their paper is used to manufacture paper bags, industrial bags, wrapping materials and other packaging material especially of the food grade.

Kertas Paper and Board Mills Pvt. Ltd:

In the Haripur sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this mill has been in the industry since 1987 when it was established. The mill has made a very good name in the packaging and printing industry and is one of the biggest suppliers there for several companies. Their top selling products include fluting paper, liner paper, Kraft paper and printing paper.

Flying group of industries:

The group owns and manages several companies including flying board and & paper products Ltd, Zaman paper & board mills Pvt Ltd and Flying Kraft Paper Mills Pvt Ltd. The company was incorporated in 1988 and since then, it has been growing exponentially and is one of the most reputable firms in the country in this industry.

Sadiq paper products:

Located in Lahore, this is one of the leading paper mills in Pakistan with its products going to a lot of big places where it is used or transformed into a new enhanced product. Its products includes Sadiq High Finish, Super Sadiq High Finish, Virgin Pulp Writing And Printing Paper ( From 55 gsm upto 120 gsm) and Recycled Writing And Printing Paper ( From 55 gsm upto 120 gsm).

Karachi paper & board mill:

Although formed not long ago, in 2010, it is one of the most popular paper mills situated in Sindh. It is the first and the only Duplex board mill manufacturer in Sindh. It has a huge capacity of producing 15000 metric tons annually. Its products include but are not limited to Yellow Liner, Brown liner, Natural Back Duplex Coated Board and Brown back Duplex Coated Board.

Awais Usama Paper Mills (Pvt.) Ltd:

The mill has been operating since 2001 in Punjab and has been performing exceptionally well since then. Its products include CMP, Kraft Liner, Liner Board, Super Fluting and so on.

Roshan Packages Ltd:

Located in Lahore, the mill’s history goes back to as back as 1959. They have had quite an interesting run up till now and has been performing really well.

Pakistan Paper Products Limited:

The mill was formed in 1951 at the time when all the paper in the newly formed Pakistan had to be imported from abroad. The company is now also listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and is one of the older listed companies. Their products include self-adhesive labels in roll form, ammonia sanitized paper, photocopy paper and plotter paper.

Khawar paper mart is one of the most prestigious and long standing paper marts in the country with all the paper related products available with them in large quantities and in amazing qualities. They are have there warehouses in punjab and main offices are in Urdu Bazar Lahore.

They have a varied and a long range of products which include but are not limited to Aria A4 70 gram, BLC A3 70 gram, BLC F4 80 gram, Double A A4 100 gram. They have all the major companies’ products and papers in various qualities and weights. Their service and after sales services are commendable too and that is what have earned such good name for them.

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