All about Karachi Paper Market Rates, Dealers and Distributors

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan with numerous infrastructures and industries. The day by day increase in official tasks is several industries and various fields are giving a huge rise to the usage of paper in  Karachi. In different organizations, different kinds of papers are used with different types of printing machines. These papers differ in terms of sizes, weights, coatings, colours, brightness and formulations.

The most widely used papers are the Printer papers, Copier papers, inkjet papers, and the photo papers. All these types of papers of numerous brands are available at almost all the major distributors in Karachi. Here we will discuss all about Karachi Paper Market Rates, Dealers and Distributors.


Karachi Paper Market Rates:

The paper rates in Karachi are different according to different paper sizes, brands and distributors. Most of the well-known paper distributors in Karachi offer the cheapest rates as compared to others. The major reason behind is, that the huge distributors purchase bulks of paper reams at discount prices. While the small distributors get the paper from these distributors and there comes a price difference. Now the shipping costs, shop rents, sales team expenses, all are added to these purchased goods, so the price increases. For example, the average price for the A4 BLC paper 70g ream is about Rs 1,650 to RS 1,750. The huge and wholesale distributors sell the A4 BLC paper 70g ream at RS 1,650 per ream. Another famous paper is the A4 Double paper. The price of the single ream of the A4 80g Double-A paper ranges from RS 2,200 to RS 2,325. Most of the small distributors also sell this paper ream at RS 2,250 in retail.


Karachi Paper Market Dealers and Distributors:

There are numerous paper dealers and distributors in Karachi, that directly get the paper from the factory, and distribute throughout Karachi and corresponding cities. Most of these dealers import paper directly from the factory and distribute then to small dealers at wholesale prices. They do not retail. The small dealers get the paper from them and sell directly to the market in retail as well as the wholesale prices. The average noticed selling price of  Paper One  A4 75g ream is RS 1,900 in Karachi at most of the retail outlets. While the price for same paper ream at the largest distributors is about RS 1,800.

Some of the known paper distributors in Karachi are Burhani Paper Mart, Fatemi Traders, General Paper Mart, Gaba Enterprises, Fine Universal Enterprises and many more.

If you want to search for the best and largest paper distributors in Karachi, you can search online for Karachi Paper Market Rates, Dealers and Distributors simply.

It is the best practice to compare the prices of different distributors and choose the best one. Not all the distributors offer the same prices, but some of them offer a special discount on buying 2 or more than 2 paper reams.

You can also order online for every type of paper in all over Pakistan. The best and most trusted online paper mart is the Khawar Paper Mart. You can simply place an order online at and get your paper delivered to your place.

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