Decorative Printer Paper For Invitations

A common question among those who use decorative printer paper for invitations is “What kind of decorative printer paper should I use?”

Not only will the printer paper you choose alter the look of your stationery it can usually prescribe what kind of piece you design. For example, if you need to create a 6″x6″ invitation, you should have the knowledge about your paper choices of both the decorative and plain paper are in that size. If the look of an embossed border attracts you, then selecting a decorative paper may be the way to go.

Before designing your wedding invitation cards, thinking about paper options is a time-consuming task.

Printer Paper Types for invitation

There are abundant paper types to go for. It’s quite good that today’s choices are widely available and offer vibrant and beautiful results. You can use a decorative printer paper for invitations or just simply opt for a plain printer paper for your custom design. Let’s observe the basic types of paper used for wedding stationery.

Heavy Card Stock:

The most commonly used paper by professional printers and by printing geeks is heavy card stock paper. Heavy card stock paper is thicker than the standard printer papers, so it withstands bending and creasing during the mailing and handling process. It absorbs the ink very well with minimal or almost no “bleeding” and is massive enough to be framed.

Usually, this type of paper is available in popular wedding invitation colors: white, off-white or ecru. Other appearance options, such as colors or textures are not common most often. These papers are available in both decorative and plain versions. Other good news is that there is a wide range of decorative printer paper for an invitation at almost every paper mart. This kind of paper has several attractive designs that there is no need to pay extra for custom designing.

Cotton and Linen:

Both cotton and linen printed invitation cards can be fine. They can also be expensive as compared to heavy card stock, so be aware of it before taking interest in buying cotton and linen. However, even at its higher prices, either linen or cotton may be cheaper than, or equal to the price of a low-quality paper stock through a common printer, as you won’t be charged for something else doing the printing.

The advantage of cotton invitations is that they last for years and preserve their beauty. If you wish to avoid designing costs, it is recommended to use decorative printer paper for invitation purposes.


A wonderful paper with crepe-paper covering used for wedding invitations is known as vellum. It’s mostly transparent and gives an artistic touch to printed wedding invitations. Some couples like to print directly onto the vellum itself. If you wish to do so, must include a thicker paper behind the vellum for a better printing support.

Handmade and Recycled Paper:

This paper can be charming. It is usually a reliable choice for smaller weddings and fewer invitations because it is pricey.

On the other hand, a recycled paper is a lower-cost and eco-friendly choice. The Recycled wedding invitation paper can be practically imperceptible from the new paper, have a rusty, trendy look, or fall somewhere in between. Look carefully at all your invitation printing options before making a final decision, often recycled papers are less sturdy. The decorative printer paper for the invitation is a good choice among all kinds of paper because they look charming and attractive, thus they add value to your invitation.

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