How Many Trees Are Cut Down Each Year For Paper Products?

We rely on the world’s forests to fulfill several environmental roles, like maintaining variety, providing renewable raw materials and energy, and protecting water and natural resources. However, they’re usually broken by agricultural and urban growth, fire, and general human involvement. However precisely how many trees are cut down every year and for what purpose? Is there something people can do to stop this huge deforestation?

How Many Trees are cut down each Year?

When it involves assessing the world’s forests, two questions got to be answered:

How many trees are on Earth?” and

How many trees are cut down every year?

The journal nature study, published on September 2, 2015, gives 2 answers 3 trillion, and 15.3 billion. The research’s results are based on a mix of on-the-ground inventories, satellite imagery, and PC modeling. The previous estimate aforementioned Earth still has around four hundred billion trees, therefore the three trillion figure is quite a jump. The wide discrepancy is accounted for by the additional comprehensive technology employed by the team.

The analysis unconcealed the tree cover by country, finding the greatest density in Russia (with 642-698 billion trees). Canada in second place (318-361 billion trees), then comes Brazil (302-338 billion), the U.S.A (222-228 billion), and finally, China (140-178 billion). The best density in terms of the quantity of forest cover was recorded in Finland that has quite 72,000 trees per sq. kilometer, followed by Slovenia, Sweden, and Taiwan.

The Rate of Deforestation:

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, we are losing around thirty-three million acres of forestland annually around the globe. Additionally, this large loss is accountable for 20 % of human-generated gas emissions.

The main reasons for the worldwide deforestation we are experiencing include urbanization, mining and oil exploitation, wood and paper products, wildfires, and acid rain. Secondary causes embrace supplying clear land for crops, cattle, and housing, also as wood timber for wood and paper product.

Trees are being cut down at a horrifying rate. More businesses around the world are pushing their approach through forests so as to realize land for commercial or industrial purposes. Our planet’s surroundings are being sacrificed for profit. Deforestation has serious effects on water and pollution, erosion, loss of biodiversity, and ultimately, global climate change.

Go Paperless:

We have become too hooked in to printing everything, whether we’re at work or at home. In spite of the fact that technology facilitates us to use computers to keep our work properly organized, we still have the lazy habit of printing all the documents we stumble upon. And many us assume that if no-one sees us using the printer day in-day out, it’s not that bad. However there you’ve got it: now you recognize it’s wrong and you’re hurting the planet’s forests.

Be conscious of the Meat products you purchase:

If they’re sourced from the land where forests are cleared, stand back from it. However, this measure requires you pay some extra time and carefully reading the product’s labels. Also, you’re going to got to do some serious analysis beforehand so you can recognize that multinational companies manufacture these pre-packaged grocery items with unsustainable ways.

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