Paper Types for Printing Brochures

The debate on paper selection is as old as the printing technology itself. Questions about printing the brochures on matte paper or glossy paper are asked almost every day. The best answer to this is that there is no best answer! Yes, depending on your design and usage of your brochure, either selection of matte or glossy will be smart for your next brochure printing project.

The Glossy Paper

Mostly, the Designers and consumers do love glossy paper. The reason behind it is, that it makes your multi-colored brochure sparkle with brilliant vibrancy; by reflecting the light off on the paper’s surface. Dark, rich blues and pop off the shining brochures and all the other colors look smoother, cool and even more flaming on glossy paper. Among all kinds of printing papers, glossy paper is mostly found less expensive than matte paper and is often recommended by the designers and professionals. But that’s not always the best choice, as glossy brochures do have some drawbacks besides of their good characteristics. If they’ll be passing through hands to hands a lot, or exposed to dust and dirt, for some time, the coating material that gives them shine may pick up the dirty fingerprints, dust, and strong smudges. These are the major demerits of glossy printing papers.

The Matte Paper

By doing a comparison between printing paper, matte paper finishes give a softer and glowing attraction that is excellent for modern trendy designs. Especially, the soft and light look of many dynamic websites has encouraged many designers to combine similar inner glows, soft shadows, and many other classy elements into their brochure designs. Matte paper is a good choice because it helps the ink dispersed by limiting the light reflection off the paper’s surface. The high-quality matte printing paper is often more expensive than the glossy paper; yet, it will retain the dirty fingerprints, dust, and smudges. This makes a matte printing paper a great selection for extreme traffic areas or the applications where usage of the brochure will be passed around a lot from hand to hand.

If your design is brilliant, Solid and breaking at the brim to inform the customers about something interesting, just use a fine 100-pound cover paper or simply a text gloss paper. If your design is mild and softer, with a thoughtful message and more definite design chants, 70-pound or 80-pound matte finish will do the best. Especially if the brochure is to face a lot of wear and tear. If going green has its purposes for your company, business or your clients, matte proves your best bet. Some companies only prefer doing business with environment-friendly businesses, so if you want to go with a recycled matte or glossy paper make sure that you let your customers know at someplace on your brochure. Do you think how your design, message, and company are best represented? By using a glossy or matte finish brochure? Even if your brochure is in a bustling area, it doesn’t mean you have to shun the glossy paper. Because you have a Brilliant design doesn’t mean that you have to just use the glossy. The innovative design is about breaking norms, so be creative and do the experiment. If you will do experiments, you will learn more and able to differentiate between the usage of matte and glossy paper for brochure printing.

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