The Must to know things about Printer Paper

When it comes to printing a great piece, the most important thing is deciding the right kind of paper for your print job. The other things that also count are the price and quality of paper.
There are many types of paper that vary according to the job. A single sized paper doesn’t fit all the jobs.
The paper used with the desktop printers is divided into two categories. The first one is known as the photo paper, the other one can be anything else. The second category consists of the non-photo or general purpose printer paper that is used for printing documents.
The general purpose printer papers vary in their sizes and are graded according to different criteria such as the brightness, opacity, texture and weight. Let us explain these grading criteria:

Check the Brightness:

The paper is right if it is bright!
The more the paper is bright, the better the results will be.
The brightness of a per is the measure of its whiteness and reflection. It also shows the quality of paper. The high-quality paper is more bright and reflective. One can clearly see the vivid contrast between the ink and the paper. To rate the brightness of a paper, a scale of 1 to 100 is defined. The good quality paper lies above the 92 of the scale.

Check the Opacity:

The high passage of light disturbs the sight!
The opacity of paper is the measure of the passage of light through it. If the passage of light through paper is high, it shows the information printed on the other side. A high-quality paper is opaque as compared to the cheap ones. For double-side printing, an opaque paper is preferred because the ink doesn’t bleed in it and the clear result is obtained. Though there is no opacity grading scale, yet the paper manufacturers describe their product as low opacity, medium opacity, and high opacity paper.

Note the paper texture:

How the paper looks and feels is the way it appeals!
The surface and smoothness of paper refer to how the paper looks and how it feels when touched. The texture of the paper is different according to the printing needs. It affects how the ink is spread and deposited on the paper. For printing purposes, smooth papers are preferred because they give out clear results.
While the textured papers are best for handwriting and special invitation notes.

Coating of the paper:

Coated or no coated, both are supported!
There are two types of paper that are; coated and non-coated. The waxy and glossy paper is known as coated paper while the sturdy and non-glossy paper is known as non-coated. Both the types are used for printing purposes but it depends on the type of project and the printer as well
After observing all these mentioned grading criteria, you will be able to choose the appropriate printer paper for your printing needs. The paper brands such as X-Brite, Paper One, IK Copy, BLC paper and Double are the best-known printer paper brands that work well with both the inkjet and laser printers. All these paper brands come in different sizes according to the printing needs. These brands are also known as the everyday usage paper brands because of their quality and range of sizes.

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