The Value of Paper “Today and Tomorrow”

Despite the modern communication mediums available today, paper still stands out superior. It is matchless to any communication medium of today due to its unique sets of value.
In this internet marketing era, where digital advertisers are working on modern advertisement plans, paper still proves to be the most effective medium to reach the customers. According to a recent study of about 350 digital marketers, it was identified that the direct mail advertisement delivered the strongest retentions for B2C customers and ROI for customer contact.
You think that reading a document on the digital screen is cool than reading it on the paper? If you think so, you are not smart anymore! The digital document is less safe as compared to the paper-printed document. Also, the digital screen imposes a bad impact on the eyes.
While documenting the importance and value of paper, we should have a look at the recently released report by the AF & PF (American Forest and Paper Association) that stated the ways how the paper is playing their role in our daily lives.

1-    Paper is the best learning tool.

Using the modern technology for learning doesn’t mean you are the genius. It is just a style of learning.
As compared to the e-books, the paper-based books were preferred by the elementary aged students for better comprehension reading. They found it the easiest way to learn and understand the reading on the printed paper. According to them, the e-books were just the entertaining devices and they seemed non-serious in reading them. On the other hand, reading the paper-based books created the sense of responsibility in them as a student and they did well.

2- Reaching customer is easy.

Getting customers depends on your marketing techniques and efforts. You cannot get valued customers by just a few clicks
Known as the best communication channel, the direct mail followed by the email has the best ROI for customer contact. It has the highest retention in B2C marketing. According to the Neilson’s survey, the three things to which the audience responded promptly were the direct emails, in-store printed displays, and the newspapers. The customers were highly attracted to these things and mostly they made purchases getting inspired by these kinds of advertising.
It was noticed that the people who received printed catalogs in emails were more likely to make online purchases as compared to those who didn’t receive the catalogs.

3- Paper Preserves Records.

You can delete the digital data, can you delete the paper? Can you edit the paper? No, you cannot!
The main reason the paper is still used in offices is that it preserves the records. It keeps your data and information as it is. It also preserves your personal life moments in form of family photos, handwritten letters, childhood artwork, and drawings.

4- Paper dominates security.

You know well how the digital data is insecure. The digital data can me edited, deleted and stole as well due to insecurity. But the paper data is secure. It keeps records for a long time and unlike digital data, the information on paper doesn’t need to be migrated to newer technologies. The paper forms are secure and uneditable as compared to the electronic forms. The electronic forms lack security, the data filled in the electronic forms can be stolen easily. According to a survey, people prefer storing personal information on paper rather than storing it digitally.
It cannot be considered that due to the advancement in technology, the use of paper will no more remain in practice. However, its usage may be minimized but it will always remain in use, personally, as well as officially.

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