Three Awesome Paper Craft Ideas for Room Decoration

Since the paper has been invented, it remained in use for the writing and then printing purposes for several decades. But with the passage of time, as the world made advancements, people became well civilized than before and got a creative mind. This creativity then made several inventions, starting from idea to innovation. Almost every field of life got new heights. So is the case with paper usage. The paper nowadays is not only used for the old and traditional purposes. But it is also used in making creative artworks and now it has gained a great importance in home decoration. Using colored and various paper types, a wide range of home decorative stuff can be made easily at home. Here we have discussed 3 awesome paper craft ideas for room decoration that every home must apply:

The Paper Dogwood Flowers:

The four-petaled paper dogwood flowers give a natural sensation during the spring season. Using few colors and applying a few folds and cuts, you can make awesome dogwood flowers easily. Give and artistic touch to your walls in just a few steps:

1: Cut the white card paper into a 5 inches square. Fold the square in a half properly, then fold in another half again. Now open the two times folded square, and wrinkle it diagonally, reversing the direction of the fold. Repeat this step again diagonally by reversing the direction.

2: Now fold the square back up along the original wrinkles and start tracing the petal template onto the square sheet.

3: Cut the outer area along the open edges. Slice off a tiny bit of pointed tip of the unfolded flower.

4: With a new pencil eraser and the green ink, impress the small marks at indents on each petal.

5:  To mark the center, use a starburst-style stamp. Now Cut out the leaves from the green card paper. Fix the flowers and leaves to branches using a clear craft glue.

Stamp Printed Paper Tablecloth for summer:

The bright colors look charming during the summer season. Here we are going to make a white paper table cloth with blue gardened stamp on it:

1: Using a lead pencil, mark the banner paper lightly in the area where each plate is to be set.

2: Apply blue ink to the rubber stamp, and apply the stamp in a circle to create place setting. If the ink is not applied correctly, reapply it for a perfect impression.

3: Apply the red and pink inks to the butterfly rubber stamps for making a beautiful artwork on the paper, and stamp them around the flowers.

4: To impress the guests while dining, write each guest’s name inside each place setting.

Paper-Bag Party Lights:

Another great idea to decorate home for the party is to make the paper bag party lights, using the beribboned multi-color paper bags and the ordinary decoration lights:

1: Take a kitchen knife and make slits through both sides of the paper bag. One slit should be from the bottom, and the other one two inches from the top.

2: Open the bag and make an ‘x’ shaped cut in the bottom center. This is the area from where the decorative light bulb will enter the bag. Now slip a 2-foot long satin ribbon through the top cut, and fasten it in the knot shape.

3: Enter the bulb through the X cut at the bottom, till the socket is fully inside. Apply a paper tape or a masking tape to seal in the wire and the socket. Continue this process till the last bulb gets covered inside the bag. Note that you should not leave the lights on for long or more than 8 hours. Else the paper bag is likely to be burned.

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